Below are some frequently asked questions to give you a better idea of how it works . If You have any more questions feel free to write to us.


Ans:  MakeMyVacation is 100% Australian Owned and Operated Business. Which believes that Holidays should be cheaper and fun for everybody? We have over 200,000 members across Australia, New Zealand & Pacific region as an active member who are enjoying the benefits of our vouchers.


(Q)  What does a Make My Vacation Vouchers do?

Ans:  Make My Vacation vouchers works like discount coupons which will be honored by us at the time of booking. The discounts will be provided for Airfares , Accommodation & Cruises etc. Vouchers can be used all around the world.


Ans: Once you purchase the Vouchers Make My Vacation will be working like your travel consultant and we will be doing all the bookings and provide you with the tickets. Discount will vary depending on your membership with the company.


(Q) How long the vouchers are valid for?
Ans : All Make My Vacation vouchers have different validity options however our most popular membership program is the life time membership with no expiry date. Once you buy the vouchers you can use it anytime in rest of your life.


(Q) I travel once in a Couple of Years will I be able to get some advantage from it?

Ans: Make My Vacation vouchers has been designed in a way where it suits everyone from a frequent traveler to elderly couple depending on how you travel we have a membership pack for you and the best bit is our membership pack can be customized according to your requirement. So Go ahead talk to one of our Travel Experts they will make your holiday dream come true.


(Q)   Does lifetime Membership means I have to pay every year?
Ans: No. You only pay once at the time of purchasing the membership which includes all the charges for the rest of your life.


(Q) Do I have to pay any Booking fees or Consultation Charges like the one we pay to travel agents?
Ans: No, Make My Vacation does not charge any booking fee or consultation charges. We even don’t charge any money for travel itinerary sent to you for the bookings.


(Q) Can my Son or Family members use these vouchers?
Ans: Yes, Make My Vacation vouchers are 100 % transferable which can be gifted to the loved one’s or your friends and family as well.


(Q) What sort of discount will I get?
Ans: By using Make My Vacation vouchers you will be getting upto 50 % discount any time you choose to travel anywhere in the world.


(Q) The Prices I see on this website is similar to what I can get on the internet?
Ans: The Prices on the website is excluding the discount once we will send you an itinerary for the trip we will mention the exact discount. In other words you will get the discount on top of the prices shown on the website.


(Q) What happens if I don’t use the Vouchers for couple of years after buying it?
Ans: As mentioned on the website most of our membership packs are valid for lifetime therefore you are under no obligation to use the vouchers straight away. It can be used 365 days a year. It’s Like money in your pocket .
PS : There are no blackout period as well.


(Q) I have the vouchers how do I make the bookings and can i choose which time we want to fly?

Ans: Once you purchase the vouchers you will be provided a membership number with Make My Vacation. Just use the same membership number and our official booking email which will be shared with you once you take the membership and send in your request as soon as we receive your email one of our booking experts will call you and take your input before sending the quote to approve. If you like what we have sent you then we will go ahead and make the bookings otherwise back to drawing board. In other words we won’t be making any booking without your confirmation.